Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Samuel Olarewaju


Biblical Literacy, Reading the Bible


Practical Theology | Religion


Biblical literacy is an important value in the life of any person, and especially in the life of a believer in Jesus Christ. However, all too often, believers lack a firm grasp of Scripture knowledge and understanding, and consequently, are unprepared to detect and avoid erroneous teaching and to “contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints” (Jude 3). One of the reasons for this pervasive lack of biblical literacy among many believers is because there is a lack in the development of a habit in personal Bible reading outside of the weekly church services. Therefore, it is the purpose of this thesis project to transition the members of Contending for the Faith Christian Fellowship from only reading the Bible during Sunday and mid-week services to reading it personally and regularly on a weekly basis outside of the scheduled church services. In order to achieve this goal for the members of Contending for the Faith Christian Fellowship, the questionnaire research method was conducted on 12 voluntary members of the church, along with a four week Bible reading exercise. The results were collected confidentially, analyzed, and reported, comparing the pre-four week Bible reading exercise to the post-four week Bible reading exercise.