Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Dwayne Milioni


Preaching, Biblical Counseling, Revitalization, Practical Theology


Christianity | Religion


The purpose of this Doctor of Ministry thesis, Healing Through Preaching: Recovery for Red Oaks Baptist Church, is to address the need for healing Red Oaks Baptist Church’s members through a coordinated preaching and counseling ministry. Research shows there is a lack of information available on how to preach to a church after a traumatic event such as a church split or revitalization effort. The literature available addresses church problems that may have led a specific situation but does not help the pastor use the preaching of scripture to lead the church in recovery and to use God’s word to help counsel a congregation using Scripture. In the instance of Red Oaks Baptist Church, the pastor applied Psalm 107 in a four–week sermon series to help provide healing to the congregation that suffered from a church split. The researcher conducted surveys and interviews to gauge the recovery and spiritual growth of the congregation. The research also sought to understand how other pastors derive their sermon material to see if there is a correlation between counseling and preaching. Works from Harry Emerson Fosdick and Jay Adams show a correlation between preaching and counseling that is invaluable to the preacher and ultimately beneficial to the church members. The congregation reported, that overall, the sermon series did provide closure to the loss experienced from the church split.

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