Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Dan Burrell


Divorce, Ministry, Empathy


Christianity | Religion


Effectively ministering to divorcees is a unique aspect of church leadership. The majority of church leaders have never experienced divorce, so the unique problems that divorce presents are not familiar to them. The purpose of this D. Min Thesis Project is to investigate those problems and develop strategies that will allow church leaders to minister to divorcees effectively. This will be accomplished using questionnaires and interviews where difficult questions are asked to divorcees, and honest answers are revealed. Church leaders will also be interviewed about their positions on divorce and their responses compared to those given by divorcees in order to determine where ministerial gaps exist. From these gaps, strategies will be developed that will help church leaders in their efforts to offer effective grace-filled guidance to divorcees. The results of this research will provide church leaders with multiple strategies that will be developed through direct input from divorcees, for effectively ministering to divorcees.

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