Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


W. Ryan Steenburg


Millennial, Leadership, Legacy, Leadership Development, Workshop, Succession


Christianity | Religion


Millennial leadership development for church ministry is the key to reaching future generations with the gospel. Unfortunately, many critical scholars predict the ultimate demise of the church as they highlight an unprecedented exodus of millennials from its ranks. The purpose of this study is to challenge the misplaced focus on those who have left the church and refocus on the millennials who remain. The biblical record supports the view that God has repetitively used a remnant of leadership to rebuild his people when they were in decline. The millennials who actively attend church are a contemporary remnant whom God can use. This project proposes a six-session leadership development workshop for a select small group of millennials who attend a middle-sized church in a Southern suburban US city. The workshop will engage the participants in activities and discussions to explore the millennial viewpoint on personal leadership, interpersonal relationships, church governance, Christian education, vocational ministry, and outreach ministry as it relates to their preparation for ministry leadership. Through the workshop, I can gain invaluable insight from the millennials on how best to reach them and develop them to lead the work of the ministry. The outcome of the workshop is mapped to a leadership development process to address the shortfall of millennials prepared for ministry leadership in the church. The lessons learned can have a significant impact on comparable churches. The workshop methodology is adaptable and scalable for all church sizes and other populations targeted for leadership development.

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