Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Jason Mitchell


Expository Sermon, Preaching, Prayer, Discipleship, Southern Baptist


Christianity | Religion


In America, the church is operating with less supernatural power than it once did or currently does in other parts of the world, especially as it relates to those like East Barbourville Baptist Church who belong to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). For example, the Annual Church Profile data of the SBC for the 2018 year reveals that its overall membership has reached a thirty-year low. Likewise, the data reveals a decline in baptisms for the tenth year in a row. Yet, the church has access to more ministry tools and better training than any previous generation, so what is the problem? The project director believes that the problem is tied to the prayerlessness of the contemporary congregation. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to confront and correct the prayerlessness of East Barbourville Baptist Church through the use of expository sermons. With that said, the project director will survey the congregation to evaluate the quality of their prayer life. Using the results of the survey as a baseline measurement for the congregation’s prayer lives, he will then rely upon the use of expository sermons to equip and empower the congregation to improve the time they spend in prayer. Afterwards, the project director will survey the congregation to identity the impact that the expository sermons have had in the prayer lives of the congregation.

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