Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


C. Fred Smith


Biblical Metanarrative, Worldview, Biblical Theology, Christian Worldview, African Worldview, Chronological Metanarrative


Christianity | Philosophy | Religion


The problem posed in this thesis project is a segment of the students at Central Africa Baptist University are not exhibiting a worldview change in their lives and ministry after graduation. The purpose of this study is to develop, implement, and test the validity of teaching the core Bible courses using a chronological metanarrative method of instruction to develop a biblical worldview in the students enrolled in Central Africa Baptist University (CABU) in Kitwe, Zambia. The study was conducted on the campus of (CABU), and used the secondary data derived from a worldview questionnaire developed and implemented by CABU. The questionnaire was administered by CABU to first year Bible and Education Program students. The study used a quantitative method of analysing the data. The study implemented action research, and triangulated the data using faculty and staff members employed by CABU. The results of the study indicate that teaching Bible courses using a metanarrative method of presentation had a positive effect on moving students closer to a biblical worldview. The curriculum, method of teaching, assessments and assignments, and worldview assessment tools were designed within the Zambian context. The intervention plan presented in this study can be implemented within institutions of higher learning for the purpose of developing a biblical worldview in students. This thesis project recognises the dynamic of worldview development and presents this intervention plan as one tool among many for worldview development.