School of Education


Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (EdD)


David Vacchi


Biblical Worldview Development, Creation, Evolution, Faith Development Theory, Homeschool, Origins Science, Worldview




The purpose of this hermeneutic phenomenology was to understand the lived experience of how homeschooled high school students integrate origins science into a biblical worldview. For this study, biblical worldview development is the process of faith development in either form or content through an individual’s understanding and application of the Bible. The theoretical framework guiding this study is Fowler’s faith development theory as it relates an individual’s physical, mental, and moral growth to the development of their worldview. This study sought to answer the following research question: how do homeschooled high school students integrate origins science into a biblical worldview? Participants were selected from homeschooled families from across the United States. Data collection included free word association documents, semi-structured interviews, and a focus group. The result of this study is a model for biblical worldview development that explains the lived experience of homeschoolers integrating origins science into a biblical worldview through the components of preparation, education, determination, and reflection. Parents significantly influence the components of the resulting model, causing participants to develop their worldview according to that of their parents. The resulting model for biblical worldview development aligns with the faith stages of Fowler’s faith development theory and supports the latter’s use as a worldview development theory.

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