Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Mike Pardue


Sandy Creek Baptist Association of Illinois, Missional MIndfulness, Constructive Planning, Church Growth, Evangelism, Local Missions


Leadership Studies


The following dissertation will present the issue of declining membership and baptisms over the past fifty years in Sandy Creek Baptist Association of Illinois, (SCBAI). This study will show the need for collaboration by the Association members to address this issue and encourage the members to consider spiritual formation towards vitality. The study will include surveys seeking pastoral input, Director of Missions input, and membership of the SCBAI input regarding missional endeavors in local ministries. A plan toward new missional goals in the churches of SCBAI and in the local communities will be discussed. The goal of the project is to help churches in the SCBAI see the need for transforming change and developing current members to become more missional in their endeavors for Christ, teaching them on how to be aware of missional needs, this is done by researching the subject of being missional and researching the characteristics of churches that are in the decline transition. The spiritual development program will be developed using researched methods and approaches of leading authors on missional growth. The CARE program being introduced means a careful or intentional structuring approach to adapting to current needs of all generations while teaching redemptive principles and equipping all believers towards an incarnate missional approach.