School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Vernon M. Whaley


Choir, Old Testament, Tabernacle, Temple, Worship


Liturgy and Worship | Music


God designed mankind to find fulfillment through worship of him in corporate praise and worship. Detailed plans for corporate worship are outlined in the Old Testament Pentateuch, Books of History and Kingdom Books, especially as related to guidelines for worship in the Tabernacle and Temple. Despite the many biblical examples of the importance of corporate singing and the use of choir in worship, many contemporary evangelical congregations are finding just reason to abandon the use of choirs in any strategic role in facilitating or leading of worship. Thus, establishing the need to discover, determine and articulate the biblical role choir has in serving the worshipping community. This study will examine the biblical precedent for the role choirs have in the Old Testament. The primary focus of this study will endeavor to establish a biblical precedent for the use of choirs in a worship leading capacity by examining their strategic role in Tabernacle worship, Temple worship, and post-exilic worship. Perhaps the findings of this study will help provide pastors, worship leaders, church leadership, and church congregants a platform for building a theology for a choir’s role in the worship leading process.