School of Nursing


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Mary Highton


Nursing, Integrative Review, Delayed Bathing, Newborn, Skin Care, Breastfeeding


Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Evidence-based practice is foundational to ensuring patient safety and quality of care. Implementing evidence-based practice is the responsibility of all care providers. The completion of an in-depth integrative review provides a project leader the opportunity to explore the benefits of delayed bathing of the newborn and impact of the practice on newborn outcomes. The goal of this integrative review is to identify the benefits of delayed bathing and ways to implement this practice in the clinical setting. This integrative review seeks to present care providers with the most recent research and guidelines as it relates to the practice of delayed bathing of the newborn and recommendations for how that practice might be integrated into current care delivery in order to improve exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) rates. This project will determine if the benefits of delayed bathing impact newborn breastfeeding outcomes. The information will then be disseminated to a Women and Infants’ Department in Northcentral Wisconsin for practice implementation to provide an overview of the scholarly project and its implications.

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