School of Education


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Jillian L. Wendt


Culturally Responsive Management, Self-efficacy, Teacher Efficacy, Multicultural Efficacy, Equity, Multicultural Education


Education | Educational Leadership | Educational Psychology


The purpose of this multiple regression study was to examine the relationship between multicultural self-efficacy and culturally responsive classroom management self-efficacy (CRCMSE). In addition, the study examined if attitude toward diversity and experience with diversity are significant predictors of teachers’ sense of CRCMSE. The Multicultural Efficacy Scale (MES) and CRCMSE Scale was distributed to a sample of K-12 public school teachers working in a large Virginia school division. Multiple regression analysis was conducted to test the relationship between the predictor variables (multicultural self-efficacy, attitude toward diversity, and experience with diversity) and the criterion variable (CRCMSE). Pearson R2 was calculated to determine the effect size between the predictor and criterion variables, while descriptive statistics was calculated to determine frequencies, percentages, central tendencies, and variations. Prior research indicates that teacher beliefs influence student outcomes, particularly in settings with culturally and ethnically diverse students. The results found experience with diversity and multicultural efficacy to be statistically significant predictors of CRCMSE. Attitude toward diversity was not found to be a statistically significant predictor of CRCMSE.