School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Karen L. Parker

Primary Subject Area

Education, Curriculum and Instruction


Assessment, Integration, Mathematics, Profesional Learning, Science, Title II D


The purpose of this study was to examine whether a Title II Mathematics and Partnership grant positively affected student achievement levels for 3rd grade students in a public school system. The primary participant populations for this study were third grade students enrolled in 4 elementary schools in north Georgia from 2005-2008. Over 4,500 student assessments were used to conduct the statistical research and variables such as gender, race, and socio-economic levels were not disaggregated in the data collection. The data sources included the first quarter, second quarter, and third quarter post formative assessments which were administered every nine-week grading period in the school system. Findings indicate that there is a significant change in the scores between quarters in all three years of the study. The data indicates that in the final year of the study, student achievement slipped to below baseline results in mathematics and equal to baseline results in science.