School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Betty Melinda Damon


Progressive Christianity, Biblical Worldview, Liberal Theology, Worship, Women's Ministry, Rachel Held Evans


Liturgy and Worship | Music


Many Christian female influencers have large followings of Christian women, although many influential Bible study authors, teachers, motivational speakers, musicians, worship leaders, social media, and online influencers may not be instructing Christian women in the core beliefs of Christianity. As a result, many Christian women are not defending the Christian faith, but are rejecting core Christian beliefs and are identifying with the diverse beliefs of progressive Christianity. Christian women who have embraced progressive Christianity are therefore no longer worshipers of the God of the Bible but are idolaters who practice the progressive ideologies of relativism, pluralism, and cultural tolerance. In order to guide Christian women into true worship, it is necessary that influencers of Christian women clearly articulate biblical truth. This qualitative historical research will identify core Christian beliefs that refute the primary ideologies of progressive Christianity. Through exploration of existing literature, perspectives on regeneration, the exclusivity of Jesus Christ in salvation, biblical authority, and evangelism have emerged as primary Christian beliefs that refute dominating progressive beliefs. The study will inform Christian women, and their influencers, of the tenets of foundational biblical beliefs, and warn Christian women of the dangers of progressive Christianity.