School of Education


Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (EdD)


James Fyock


Christian, Education, Biblical, Worldview, Development, High School


Christianity | Education


The purpose of this multiple case study was to understand how the Christian education offered by Country Lakes School System (CLSS; pseudonym) has influenced the worldview of its graduates. CLSS defines a biblical worldview as follows: “The entire process of education is seen as a means used by God to bring the student into fellowship with Himself, to develop a Christian mind in him and to train him in Godly living so that he can fulfill God’s total purpose for his life.” The theoretical framework that guided this study was Sire’s three-dimensional concept of worldview, which served as a basis for worldview development. Conceptually, this research defined Christian education through the framework described in Kingdom Education by Schultz. This study was guided by three research questions which examined how recent graduates described a biblical worldview, the influence CLSS has had on their worldview, and how their worldview has subsequently influenced their future decisions. This multiple case study was conducted within a bounded system and utilized three data collection methods: a survey, a participant’s self-written personal faith journey, and one-on-one, semi-structured, interviews. Data were then coded to find and examine how influential CLSS was at developing a biblical worldview in its graduates. The findings of this research suggested that CLSS did an excellent job at influencing their graduates propositional and heart orientation towards a biblical worldview; however, these convictions were generally only reflected in each graduate’s moral convictions but not the consummation of the graduate’s life purposes.