School of Nursing


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Kenneth Thompson


Pharmacogenomics, Primary Care




As technology and research evolve it is essential that practitioners in healthcare remain aware and cognizant of the changes that are going on around them and how these advancements may aid them in providing the best care to the patients that seek care from them. The largest breakthrough in the field of genetics has been the complete sequencing of the human genome. This landmark has paved the way for innumerable insights into every part of how care is delivered and stands to change the landscape of medicine entirely. Pharmacogenomics testing exists as a subset of genetic testing, and pertains to the evaluation of individual genetic variants that may interfere with the normal metabolism of many medications. There are specialty care settings where this modality of testing is more prevalent, but it is not well represented in primary care settings, where it stands to provide a wealth of information to primary care providers as they manage their patients. Literature review was conducted on this subject of interest and it was found that there was precedent for the implementation of pharmacogenomics testing in the primary care setting. Through survey of primary care providers, it was determined that there were deficits in knowledge and perspective barriers that were adequately addressed with an educational intervention. This intervention was shown to promote both the potential implementation of pharmacogenomics testing, generate interest in further education on the subject of pharmacogenomics, and address the identified perspective barriers.

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