School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Thomas A. Seel


Altar, Worship, Entertainment Stage Experience, Entertainment Evangelism, Seekers Service Experience, Music


Liturgy and Worship | Music | Religion


Through the years, each generation of worshipers has conceived throughout their service many beliefs about worship; some inspired by the Holy Spirit, and others, self-proclaimed. Many of these self-acknowledged concepts do not align with biblical truths because instead they follow the needs and trends of the culture surrounding the church. These clashes of opinions, feelings, and preferences among the Christian community have been slowly deviating congregations from the altar encounter established in the Bible to an entertainment stage experience where the human senses are enhanced. The purpose of this qualitative descriptive case study is to establish the importance of the altar, and how its sanctity needs to be reestablished among the new generations of worshipers. Moreover, this research will examine the perceptions pastors have on the biblical altar experience, and how it has been modified to suit human standards and needs. The pastors participating in this study serve diverse Christian communities (Charismatic, Methodist, Calvary Movement, Pentecostal, and Independent congregations), in the Central Mountain Region of Utuado, Puerto Rico (CMRUPR). Personal interviews with these participants (community pastors), existing literature on the altar worship experience, and related issues.