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Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Justin Yoojung Lee


Vision, Communication, Establishment Process, Church Growth, Revival, Church Renewal


Christianity | Practical Theology | Religion


The purpose of this study is to suggest a systematic process in establishing church’s vision by emphasizing the importance of having a clear vision in church growth and by communicating with the church members in the midst of a situation where stable ministry transition is required due to the replacement of the senior pastor now that 50 years has passed since the church was planted. For many years, the Korean church has experienced steady growth and revival. However, from the 21st century, the growth is slowing down and is stagnant. One of the reasons is the conflict between the former senior pastor and the following senior pastor which is rising to the surface as a problem among Korean churches. To resolve this conflict along with the chaos of transitions in churches and assemble church members’ hearts as one, there is a need for process of developmental vision establishment. This research focused on providing a systematic process of establishing visions that are effectively applicable to Korean churches through studying the importance of visions from the Bible, investigating on the books and case from Ansan Dongsan church which offers stable vision in transition of generations, and analyzing the refined process of vision established through researcher’s one year ministry field at Incheon Shinkwang church. The researcher aims to introduce the legitimacy of establishing visions with the church members in Korean churches and to deliver the specific application method to the ministers who dream for church revival through the process of vision establishment.