School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Jamie Coates


Mentor, Mentoring, Mentorship, Discipling, Discipleship, Worship Leader


Christianity | Liturgy and Worship | Music | Religion


Although Jesus provides the biblical example for the process and significance of mentoring others, today’s ministry leaders often fail to take up this mantle. Much research exists on the value of mentoring, especially in the corporate world where those at the highest levels intentionally mentor those who display significant potential. Recent literature addresses the importance of ministry leaders mentoring others, such as veteran pastors showing those expressing a call to ministry how to be a minster. However, a gap exists in the body of literature regarding the importance of the mentoring relationship between veteran and novice worship leaders. Due to the high level of expectation placed on a worship leader in the twenty-first century, current college curricula alone cannot adequately equip the novice worship leader for a pathway to effective ministry. Veteran worship leaders can and should mentor novice worship leaders in terms of spiritual formation, leadership development, and organizational skills. There is a great need for more experienced worship leaders to answer the call to mentor novice worship leaders. Linking the corporate, academic, and pastoral facets of mentoring, this study will use a qualitative historical approach to convey a cohesiveness specific to the subject of veteran worship leaders mentoring novice worship leaders. Beyond this, an additional goal of the study is to inspire and equip those mentoring worship leaders to instill a passion for mentoring within their protégés.