Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Dwayne Milioni


Equipping, Developing, Ministry Leaders, Church Ministry


Christianity | Religion


This thesis project will examine the congregational need for ministry leaders to develop leadership skills. Mount Calvary Baptist Church, located in Hopewell, Virginia, serves as the framework of this investigation. The problem addressed by this research is derived from ten ministry leaders currently serving at Mount Calvary who have servants’ hearts but lack leadership skills to develop their ministries. With adequate training and continuing education, leaders are more equipped to lead ministries. Without leaders who are adequately equipped to lead ministries, it is difficult for the church to carry out its mission and remain active. The findings of this research are positioned within biblical-theological analysis and scholarly literature to identify practical approaches for developing leadership skills for the work of ministry. Specific practices conducted include interviews and surveys to gauge the problem. Furthermore, intervention efforts like workshops, seminar venues, along with teaching and preaching, assist in drawing attention to perspective changes. Utilizing the research and the intervention endeavors, this project aims to present Mount Calvary Baptist Church with practical approaches for equipping and developing current leaders with leadership skills to develop ministries.

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