School of Behavioral Sciences


Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counseling (EdD)


Suzie Johnson


Trauma, Trauma-informed Care, School Counselors


Counseling | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Adverse childhood experiences affect millions of children and adults on a daily basis and this results in many people who are unable to effectively navigate the pathways of life to lead a productive life. Schools are in an ideal position to intercede and provide trauma-informed care to children who are experiencing academic or behavioral problems by providing programs aimed at decreasing the effects of these adverse experiences. One such program being implemented is the multi-tiered support system (MTSS) programs, which is incorporated into the entire school day of all students. Interventions are provided in tiers which correspond to the needs of each student. Evidence-based interventions are provided while the results are monitored and used to provide further assistance. School counselors are an integral part of the MTSS team, which includes PBIS and RtI components, but often they do not receive the necessary training. When school counselors are adequately trained, they function as a team member and this increases the amount of time counselors can spend on other important activities.

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