Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Mario Garcia


Struggle for Leadership


Christianity | Religion


This study focuses on looking at the struggles that African American leaders have within the church setting. It analyses the failings of the church in its mandate to offer spiritual and social nourishment to the black community. There have been concerns by clergy and the community at large that the reverent position that the church leader is no longer present. In its place, lies frustration and, in some cases, anger. The study will unravel the cause of the descent of the church. It examines a plethora of literature on the area, finding both supporting and opposing information. In the methodology, the study uses a mixed approach that incorporates the use of quantitative questionnaires in addition to intervention design. The results of this process indicate that the leaders are not aware of the issues facing their church. The dominance of power reduced inclination towards altruism and service leadership, diminished engagement with church congregants, poor planning for ministerial strategy, and lack of communication come of the leading problems in churches. The study thus recommends open dialogue on how to strengthen the church, especially within the younger generation, to encourage austerity of the black church. Further research can look at the shifting identity of black people and how it has affected the perceptions of the church.

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