Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Jacob Dunlow


Sunday School Teacher, Teacher Spiritual Formation, Sunday School Disciple-Making


Christianity | Religion


The Sunday schools of some churches of the Mount Olive Baptist District Association, MOBDA, are not well attended. Could effective discipleship teaching and a change in the spiritual formative mind-set of an instructor aid in disciple-making? This thesis will focus on the church’s didactic ministries and the presence of God, the Holy Spirit, in those ministries. An examination of the quality of instruction and teaching materials for authentic and God-centered instruction will be studied.

It is necessary that all of the MOBDA church’s teachers have a evidential relationship with the Holy Spirit. An instructor who is consistently spiritually grounded as they disseminate, articulate, and exegetically study the Bible and the teaching materials, will spiritually benefit the students. The pastors, teachers and students participating in the teaching ministries of a regional Baptist District Association will be surveyed. The survey will investigate the possible influence of the Holy Spirit within their teaching processes, whether the teaching materials are spiritually adequate, and how a more spiritually sensitive teaching paradigm may be developed for church growth. Quantitative research will also be conducted to provide additional information concerning: (1) The practices present in the current church teaching paradigms, (2) The phenomena of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit necessary for teaching, (3) An instructor’s spiritual formational impact on the Christian teaching ministries. And (4) Areas of concern in the Christian teaching environment. Survey results will be tabulated, scored and analyzed, providing information that may effectively impact the methodology of each church’s teaching ministries.

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