Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Adam McClendon


Hope, Declining Congregations, Internet Worship


Christianity | Missions and World Christianity | Religion


Prince of Peace (POP) congregation, Ft. Payne, Alabama has less than twenty members and is struggling to survive. POP needed another option for her continued existence and sustainability as a small, declining congregation. Utilizing Internet technologies, it was possible for this small congregation to connect with a host congregation to receive their worship service and message on a large screen television. The thesis project investigated if POP congregation could make a transition from a live person-led worship service/message to a televised worship service/message to enable them to continue to worship and survive as a congregation. The congregation was prepared to make the transition to a televised service/message through an intensive six-week process. A series of six messages, take home Bible studies to be used during the week, and sharing times after each worship service to discuss experiences and perceptions in accepting the change were presented. A pre-transition inventory was given to all congregational members. After the six-week intensive preparation, the congregation was introduced to the televised services/messages for a period of four weeks. During this transition process, perceptions and experiences were processed at the end of each worship service. After the fourth week, a post-transition inventory was given to all the members. The results between pre- and post-transition inventories were tabulated. Through this intensive preparation process, the congregation made a positive transition to using Internet technologies to accept the use of televised worship services/messages and thus enable them to survive and continue their ministry in making more and better disciples for Jesus.