School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Mindy Damon


Female Mentorship, Female Worship Leader, Mentoring, Worship Leader, Worship Ministry Leadership


Liturgy and Worship | Music


In recent years, some evangelical churches have seen a rise in the number of females involved in worship ministry leadership. Despite the female worship leader’s significant call to ministry, many challenges still exist in fulfilling God’s call on her life. Some of these challenges include clarity of call, difficulties in a male-saturated work environment, and perceived lack of opportunities for ministry. Additionally, some female worship leaders feel marginalized by the reluctance of churches to ordain them to the ministries in which they already serve. Although this paper will not address the question of whether women should or should not be ordained, the issue contributes to the acceptance of women in various ministry roles. In order to address these challenges, this qualitative study will examine the need for mentoring relationships between young or novice female worship leaders and more experienced female worship leaders. Exploration of the relevant literature will focus on the biblical foundations for women in ministry leadership, the nature of mentoring relationships in general, and also the mentorship methods for worship leaders and women. The intention of this study is to show that the experienced female worship leader can address the unique challenges experienced by the young or novice female worship leader through modeling biblical principles, lifestyle worship and respect for authority.