School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Clarence Holland

Primary Subject Area

Education, Administration




Educational Administration and Supervision


The research conducted sought to find evidence and data to support or lack of support to the following questions: Do school administrators perceive a problem with bullying in their schools in Missouri? Is there a relationship between the victim of bullying and the learning process? Do female adolescents engage in cyber bullying more than male adolescents? Do public schools in Missouri have policies in place that address bullying? The researcher used the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program survey on bullying. The study examined the perceptions and beliefs of the superintendents in the State of Missouri concerning bullying and student responses from students in the Western Missouri Conference Schools. Significant findings included more experienced Ssuperintendents stating that there is little or no problem with bullying in their schools or in the schools throughout Missouri, while less experienced superintendents believe that there is a tremendous problem with bullying in schools. One hundred percent of the superintendent responses revealed that all believe that there is a need for more anti-bullying programs in their schools. Out of the students surveyed, more than 50 percent reported that they had never been a victim of a bully, however, other studies make valid points to stress that younger students have a tendency to be bullied, or at least report the bullying behavior, than the older adolescents or adults. Eighty-three percent of the student responses showed that they had bullied another student in some way other than a physical confrontation. With 100% of the superintendents reporting the need for more anti-bullying programs in schools and 83% of students responding that they have bullied other students in some way, more studies and research on this topic would appear to the researcher to be of great value in the ongoing attempt to keep all children safe.