Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Dennis McDonald


Mental Health, Adolescence, Depression, Prevention, Spirituality


Christianity | Religion


Congregations must be spiritually positioned to receive and pass on the Gospel baton to all believers. This work will concentrate on those that are at risk for emotional disorders, particularly at the stage of adolescence. This effort will point to the young with emotive challenges that will assist them in being able to pass on the faith constructively and wholesomely. This dissertation will utilize an analytic approach that consists of multi-components related to mental health classifications and disorder, therefore, Christian leaders should be looking beyond secularism to provide support for adolescents who are at risk. Given the presence of millions of youth who attend congregations, the use of pre and post-surveys will provide measurement tools that will gauge this project’s effectiveness The concentration should be upon those that are at risk for of leadership on youth in jeopardy. The problem to be solved can be stated as follows: Why is there a separation of mental health programs and awareness in congregations? What are the patterns that lead congregations to decisions relative to emotional health issues? A survey distributed to adolescents with several questions pertaining to mental health attitudes provides data relative to Christian adolescents in congregations and their attitudes regarding mental health disorders.

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