Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Clergy; Religion, General; Sociology, Organizational


The purpose of this project is to develop and test a training program and a training manual that would effectively mobilize a large local church congregation for personal evangelism. To accomplish this, the thesis will strive to establish the mission of evangelism and how it relates to the problems facing the local church in this vital area of responsibility. Out of this mission, the thesis will identify and discuss some common misconceptions of evangelism. It will also set forth the biblical mandate of evangelism and research the New Testament model of evangelism both in the life of Christ and in the life of the First Century Church. Once the theological and biblical bases are established, this thesis will deal with the actual methodology of evangelism by recording the process of the strategy used for the program, how it started, and how the training procedures were developed. Finally, the thesis will record and tabulate the data and measure the results of how many were trained, the percentage of those actively sharing their faith on a weekly basis compared to the total membership of the church, and if there were any increases in the number of conversions during the years the training was in place.