School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Paul Rumrill


Worship, Spiritual Disciplines, Congregation


Liturgy and Worship | Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


One of the foremost doxological problems of the twenty-first century is complacency in worship. Deficient spiritual development of the follower of Christ is rampant among Christians; many believers, suffering from this, have moved away from the purpose of man - to have a love relationship. This relationship has been replaced with a task-oriented spirit. No longer do we leave worship ready to make a difference for the Kingdom of God, but Christians come to complete a task and remove it from a long list of “to dos” in their busy world. Corporate worship has become habitual while lacking spiritual meaning. Worship Team Leaders at Monte Vista Baptist have not invested time into their own spiritual development so that worship leadership might overflow from a life full of the spirit. What can be done to bring awareness to this problem and possibly deepen the relationship between God and His children? Worship is a direct response to the spiritual maturity in the believer and as such ought to be given priority as private devotion, so that the worship leader provides passionate, overflowing leadership that is dependent upon the Spirit of God. A study guide that outlines the process of spiritual development through the disciplines of the Spirit would advantageous to the worship team leaders of Monte Vista Baptist. This thesis project intends to provide worship team leaders of Monte Vista Baptist the skills to create their own personal daily worship time to bring about spiritual transformation that will enhance their leadership and experience in corporate worship.