Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Biblical Studies; Religion, Clergy; Religion, General; Sociology, Social Structure and Development; Theology


The purpose of this thesis project is to analyze the relationship between revival and evangelism in the context of the outpouring of the Holy spirit and suggest strategies by which revivals may be encouraged and the energy of revival may be harnessed in the evangelism of large numbers of people.

The thesis project is composed of two parts. The first part surveys an evangelical theology of revival and evangelism. Here the author surveys biblical and historical data relevant to the subject. He then defines or describes; (1) revival, (2) evangelism, (3) personal conversion, (4) people movements, (5) the relationship between revival and evangelism, (6) six types of revivals, (7) the role of human involvement in encouraging revivals, and (8) the seven conditions in which revivals are most likely to occur. The second part of this thesis project suggests specific strategies which tend to establish revival-friendly conditions and strategies of evangelism which appear effective in times of revival.

This project concludes that: (1) revival is a phenomenon that enhances the effectiveness of the evangelistic efforts of the church, (2) revivals tend to take place under certain revival-friendly conditions, (3) revivals can be encouraged by human intervention through the enacting of strategies which may be effective in establishing these revival-friendly conditions, and (4) certain evangelistic strategies appear to be most effective in a revival atmosphere.