School of Education


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Glenn Holzman


Christian Education, Worldview, Adolescent, Biblical, Relationship, Correlation


Education | Educational Administration and Supervision


Our worldview affects all things in our lives – even our education. Every education has a founding premise or bias which either espouses a biblical worldview or does not. In addition to the factual content, it is typically delivered or taught by someone with a particular premise or bias. Perspectives vary from person to person, and therefore, so can what they believe to be true. The need for true knowledge to be imparted in an absolutely true context is necessary. Thus, there is the need for a biblical worldview to be established. This study is aimed at assessing the relationship, if any, between Christian education and the biblical worldview of adolescents attending a Christian school by assessing their worldview utilizing the Raymond Meyer Worldview Assessment Instrument. It is an important study because it has the potential to highlight variables which can be related to fostering a biblical worldview within the next generation – a prime target of the Christian faith. This non-experimental, correlational quantitative study will survey 208 students enrolled in a Christian school throughout three states. A linear regression will be used to assess the relationship between adolescents’ biblical worldviews to time enrolled in Christian education. The outcome of the study did reveal a statistically significant relationship between the two variables. The study concludes that evaluation of such relative variables is important to add to the body of literature surrounding the formation of a biblical worldview and the process of Christian education. However, further research should continue to be done to deeper determine other significant variables which impact fostering a biblical worldview.