Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Adam C. Sullivan


ERP, Leadership, GCSS-Army, ERP Implementation, Behavior


Business | Leadership Studies


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has emerged as one of the breakthrough information technologies that can reshape business practices. The Army ERP systems are the central component of the Army’s business mission process. However, these ERP systems have yet to provide Army-wide, enterprise-level integration and resource visibility, which is needed to increase efficiency and effectiveness of Army operations and justify the cost of future ERP investment. Few companies complete their ERP implementation on time and within budget, and the incidences of underperformance and failure are incredibly high. Current research notes that the primary determinant of a successful ERP implementation is leadership. Therefore, this study examined the critical behaviors exhibited by leaders to successfully complete an ERP implementation at an Army installation in the Mid-Atlantic region. The study utilized a qualitative case study design to examine the leader behaviors of the military and civilian leaders in an Army organization that implemented GCSS-Army to an Army installation. The study consisted of open-ended interviews with organizational leaders, observations, and document reviews to collect data. The researcher found that leaders lead through their behaviors and this is instrumental in a successful ERP implementation: (a) leaders must establish management commitment and change management, (b) the leaders’ behavior changes through the various phases of the ERP implementation, and (c) leaders must continue to seek experience and education. The researcher revealed the implications for these findings, made recommendations for action and offered recommendations for further research. This study closes the gap in defense business practices associated with the implementation of an Army ERP and will serve to prepare better our military and civilian leaders for the challenges with implementing future Army ERP systems.