School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Betty Melinda Damon


Worship Pastor, Pastoral Development, Leadership Development, Worship Ministry, Worship Leadership, Ministry Roles


Leadership Studies | Liturgy and Worship | Music


Pastoral leadership development must occur beyond the musical development that is gained through practice and musical education. The premise of this study considers the developmental needs of those in church leadership. Music ministers may be equipped for musical aspects of leadership. However, failure in obtaining knowledge, understanding, and enacting of the pastoral leadership elements required to fulfill the role of a music pastor may not have been developed. It can be argued that a change in role from ‘music minister’ to ‘a pastor who happens to lead worship' should occur. While little research can be found confronting the need for pastoral development in worship ministry, this research will attempt to procure necessary areas of weakness and develop usable curriculum for the development of a holistic Christocentric approach to worship pastoring. Biblical study will also be utilized to seek God's perspective on pastoral leadership development. Pastoral leadership development will allow the worship leader to adhere to a more biblical model of worship leadership entailing the utilization of people skills and discipleship to enhance the ministry of the worship pastor in various settings. By way of qualitative/historical research, this study will seek to determine the needed training and develop a curriculum for discipleship, mentoring, and teaching for effective development of worship leaders for added effectiveness in the local church.