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Casey Reason


Read 180, Teacher Perceptions


Education | Educational Leadership | Language and Literacy Education | Reading and Language


The purpose of this multiple case study was to examine fifth-grade Read 180 teachers’ perceptions of a commercial scripted reading program and how their perceptions might influence implementation at eight elementary schools in only one school district in Virginia. The theoretical framework of this study was adapted from Lave’s (1991) situated learning theory grounded in constructivism. According to Lave, situated learning should occur in an environment where the instructor provides a learning situation that embodies problem-centered activities that support knowledge. The study assessed how perceptions of a commercial scripted reading program impacts student comprehension for fifth-grade Read 180 elementary teachers and school principals. Data was collected using video observations, interviews, and surveys. The data was analyzed using cross-case synthesis to identify five themes in relation to the research questions (Yin, 2014). The five themes included additional resources, script adherence, results from data, acceptance of implementation, and training. The results of the study revealed that Read 180 teachers used a scripted curriculum as a framework for scripted instruction to a certain degree of fidelity based on their acceptance. Some teachers used supplemental materials to enhance their instruction in an effort to experience desired results that aligned with local, state, and federal mandates.