School of Nursing


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Lynne S. Sanders


Health Literacy, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Focused Training, Patient Outcomes, Teach-back


Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing


Focused healthcare provider teaching was used to increase health literacy sensitive care and to improve interdisciplinary collaboration between providers in a mobile clinic setting that serves significantly underserved and socioeconomically challenged populations. The teach-back method was selected as one of the tools to help providers help their patients overcome health literacy challenges by increasing compliance and helping providers engage their patients in collaborative care. Multidisciplinary providers working in a large university clinic system in the southern United States (N = 20) were surveyed, provided focused training, and resurveyed to determine if provider practices addressing health literacy and interdisciplinary collaboration could be improved. Analysis of the pre- and post-test results demonstrated a clinically significant improvement in the overall stated competence and desire to improve in these areas. Achieving optimal health outcomes with limited resources is a continued challenge for our healthcare system today and this project demonstrates that providers can make an impact on outcomes through focused intervention. This project used focused provider training to highlight problems with health literacy and collaboration and encourage further engagement. Further research should focus on long-term patient outcomes from improved provider training.

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