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Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Gene Sullivan


21st Century, Leadership Characteristics, Metropolises, North America, Professional Services Firms


Business | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Organizational Behavior and Theory


Professional services firms (PSFs) in North American metropolises are facing challenges in doing business in a fast pace global society with environments which require them to cope with increasing size, complexity and conflict management, to shape and coordinate the right culture that meets their strategic goals, and creates sustainability with legacy. This requires to address retaining and developing leaders and emerging leaders, and pursue their commitment to a long and productive career, in their organizations. Thus, this case study is an exercise of depth that reflects the uniqueness in the lives of leaders in PSFs similar to the organization where the participants are employed to help them and other leaders in fostering a culture that develops and retains good leaders with authentic, servant, and transformational leadership characteristics. The participants’ enthusiasm and collaboration about their understanding of desirable leadership characteristics to be a continuous process to improve their own desirable leadership characteristics and practical approaches and implications when relating with all the stakeholders in the organization, is a testimony of leaders who want to build the right culture in a PSF. The findings in this study provide insightful information to help professional services firms’ leaders, business students, and practitioners with valuable insights in knowledge to promote desirable leadership characteristics in PSFs, thus fostering the development and retention of leaders for sustainability with legacy. This is accordance with the biblical leadership model given by Jesus with character, knowledge, creativity, drive, courage, caring, and discipline.