Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Frank J. Schmitt

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Biblical Studies; Religion, Clergy; Religion, General; Sociology, Individual and Family Studies


This project in ministry titled, "Single Parent Ministry in the Local Church," is the result of the author's concern for the unique issues faced by today's ever increasing single parent households. This relatively new phenomenon is discussed in light of the historical roots of singleness in general. It is then shown that this "new phenomenon" is really not new at all. Single Parenting is virtually as old as creation itself, going back to the first single parent described in the Bible, Hagar. Much instruction regarding the circumstances of the single parent is discussed. The paper then examines the various, specific and most common issues facing single parents and their children. The effects to the single parent child are discussed and a chronological view is suggested with particular effects shown at various stages of development offered for consideration. The Biblical mandate to care for the widows and orphans contextualized to our society is set forth. Suggestions are offered for the implementation of a ministry to single parents within the context of the local church. The purpose of this thesis is to give Biblical and theological foundation for single parent ministry as well as understanding to the single parent and those who would minister to the single parent of the unique challenges facing them as they embark in this much needed ministry.