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School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Sarah E Horne


Developmental Coursework, Freshman College, Placement Test, Remedial Reading, Teacher Degrees, Writing


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Higher Education Administration | Other Educational Administration and Supervision


Despite evidence that enhanced teacher education provides enhanced learning opportunities, there is little research on the impact for remedial college students. This study addresses this issue. Reviewing students assigned to remedial reading based on placement test scores, a series of t-tests compared students after one term based on COMPASS scores and compared between the courses provided with teachers of bachelor’s or master’s degrees grouped by gender. This study used a non-experimental, causal-comparative quantitative ex post facto design to study the difference between the education level of the teaching staff and the student achievement at completing the prescribed remediation course within one term. Three t-tests conducted determined that there was a difference, but could not state that the difference was related to the gender of the student. This study used recently archived data at a mid-sized mid-western four-year university compiling a sample size of 115. Due to the Bonferroni Correction, the results were marginal. The null was rejected within the entirety of the sample (N=115) with a finding of t(113.00)=-6.31, p=0.01. However, for the sample of males (n=59), the null could not be rejected with a finding of t(57.00)=4.33,p=0.02 due to the application of the Bonferroni correction. As to the sample of females (n=56), the null could not be rejected with a finding of t(50.00)=4.46, p=0.02 due to the application of the Bonferroni correction. Colleges and universities can use this study to aid in assigning professorial staff to remedial courses for the best possible outcomes. This study should be replicated with other variables and in varying size colleges in the future.