April 2002


Dr. Rebecca Carwile

Primary Subject Area

Education, Administration


Assessment, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning, Linking


Abstract Accountability, effectiveness, and efficiency are three major concerns of the University’s stakeholders, accrediting agencies, and governmental agencies. These concerns have broadened the scope of the assessment process since the 1990’s. To adequately respond to these concerns, it is important for institutions of higher learning to link assessment processes with strategic planning and budget planning. A study was made to determine if it is a common practice in public or private institutions of higher learning to link a comprehensive ongoing assessment process with the development of on-going strategic and budget planning processes. A questionnaire distributed to 178 institutions determined that 19 of the 53 respondents reported a consistent link and 16 of the 53 respondents reported a comprehensive link. The study also showed that accrediting associations and governmental agencies, to a greater extent than in the past, are requiring accountability through documentation of institutional effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, it is essential that institutions develop consistent and comprehensive processes that will produce the information requested.