School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Andrea Beam


Christian education, Gender, Job satisfaction, Marital Status, Parental Status


Educational Administration and Supervision


This quantitative non-experimental correlational study involved the investigation of the relationships between job satisfaction, gender, marital status, and parental status among educational leaders who identify as being Christian. A multiple regression analysis was utilized to determine how accurately job satisfaction, as measured by the Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS), can be predicted from a linear combination of gender, marital status, and parental status for Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth-grade school administrators identifying as Christian. A sample size of 573 educational leaders in Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth-grade schools who identified as being Christian participated in this study. The gender distribution in this study was relatively balanced, with 43.82% of participants being male, and 56.18% of participants being female. Multiple regression analysis revealed that gender, marital status, and parental status have no significant relationship with job satisfaction. The significance of this study lies in the need for increased gender awareness among school administrators, and the impact that gender roles play in job satisfaction related to work-life balance. Recommendations for further research include developing a spiritually focused job satisfaction survey due to the feedback from participants regarding their job satisfaction coming from a sense of calling rather than from external sources.