School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Donald Ellsworth


be fruitful, choir training, discipleship, missional worship, worship, worship training


Christianity | Liturgy and Worship | Music | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


In striving for authentic worship, many worship leaders focus on the sound of the choir and the individual’s relationship with God without considering discipleship. God’s first directive to humanity in Gen. 1:28 supplied God’s instruction for authentic worship, which emphasized discipleship and not music. Training choir members to worship without including discipleship results in the shaping of performers rather than worshipers. Worship must reflect the Trinity and not the skills and ability of the worshiper. When worshipers show God's love through discipleship, they reveal the Godhead. To shape singers holistically, worship leaders must teach their choir members to disciple. This research project will lay a foundation for the understanding and development of God’s directive for missional worship and present a biblical rationale for including discipleship training in the shaping of choir members. This project will use God’s five directives in Gen. 1:28 to teach five biblical principles and to provide five practical actions to aid worship leaders in infusing discipleship training within the musical training of the choir. These biblical principles and actions, if taught, should foster singers that display a lifestyle of worship that serves and disciples.