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Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)




Abroad Korean Church, Church Planting, Thailand Church


Christianity | Other Religion | Practical Theology | Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


This research is a study on planting Thailand churches as mission fields, with a focus on the Church of Thailand Sarang (CTS). Christians in Thailand are estimated to be 0.5 % of the whole population. Bangkok is considered a gateway city for Buddhism in Southeast Asia; the city is strategically important for Christian mission. Thailand has had a Christian influence during the past 190 years, but the number, influence, and self-support of the churches are still weak. Therefore, the necessity for the cooperation between Korean churches in Thailand and Korean missionaries is present. The human, material, and spiritual resources may be mobilized for planting Thailand churches in beneficial ways. The aim of this research is to help ensure that the planted local church become self-propagating, self-governing, and self-supporting bodies. Through the research, the author hopes to add the continued motivation to the worship, spiritual renewal, and maturity of CTS. He also aims to benefit missionaries and Korean churches in the Thailand area in planting self-supporting Thailand churches. This study attempts to understand the principles of biblical strategy and necessary elements in church planting. In addition, the study looks over the church planting cases Korean missionaries who are experts in local church planting. Based on the study, the author offers a roadmap for church planting in Thailand toward erecting the self-propagating, self-governing, and self-supporting type of churches propelled by CTS. The offer includes the ways to secure spiritual support, human resources, material system, and financial provisions of the sponsoring church.