Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Michael C Whittington


Community, Fellowship, Relational Soul Care, Soul Care, Spiritual Maturity, Spiritual Vitality


Counseling | Religion


This ministry project is a transformational paradigm for relational soul care in a community that partners with mentors to restore God’s children to spiritual vitality for the fulfillment of His plan. The reason for this topic is that after counseling, people still need continued soul care; without continued soul care, they falter, get frustrated, and fall back into unhealthy behaviors. In this research approach, the care seeker is placed with a mentor and a community fellowship group until they flourish in their time. The research method will be a twenty-question Likert Scale Interview for two fellowship groups: men and women. The focus of this thesis is believers who conjoin relational dimensions in cultivating God’s work in community with spiritual fellowship and bond together through the trials of life as image-bearing disciples. The potential value for this research is to ascertain whether community relational soul care transforms Christians to spiritual vitality. In this project, the spiritual layers unfold through the Epistles of John and discover the factors for restoration in spiritual areas of soul care and development for spiritual vitality in relationships with God, others, and God-centered self in community relational soul care.