March 2007


Clarence C Holland

Primary Subject Area

Education, Administration


Principal, Mentoring, Online, Administrator, Internship, Telementoring


Comparing the qualities of traditional mentoring with the qualities of online mentoring, this study examined the feasibility of uniting the two mentoring approaches in the preparation of school principals. The communication and implementation of national principal preparation standards via online and face-to-face methods were ranked by four categories of key individuals (university professors who prepare principals, active principals who have mentored a novice principal, novice principals being mentored, and mentored principals) involved in the principal mentoring process. Using a pilot-tested original survey instrument, 73 individuals completed the survey indicating perceptions toward the feasibility of online principal mentoring. A one-way ANOVA found no significant difference on the two dependent variables (communicating and implementing standards via online methods) by professional type. An independent samples t-test did show significant difference between face-to-face and online methods used to communicate and implement standards. Additional narrative comments by survey participants are included along with suggestions for further research.