School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Andrea Beam


Biology, High-Stakes Testing, Teacher-Student Rapport


Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Psychology | Other Education


The purpose of this predictive correlational study was to determine if a predictive relationship existed between teacher-student rapport, as perceived by students, and biology achievement scores. The Teacher-Student Likert Scale Questionnaire was used to measure students’ perceptions of rapport with their science instructor. Students’ scores on the Maryland Biology High School Assessment were used to measure students’ testing performance in science. This study implemented a linear regression analysis to determine if the predictor variable (teacher-student rapport) had a statistically significant predictive relationship with the criterion variable (high-stakes testing performance in biology). A linear regression produced the prediction equation: biology HSA scores = 473.589 + -0.328*teacher-student rapport. Students’ perceived teacher-student rapport statistically significantly predicted biology HSA scores, F(1, 226) = 12.69, p < .001 R2 = 0.053, F (1, 226) = 12.699, p < 0.00. These results indicated that students’ biology HSA scores decreased 0.328 points for every point increased on the Teacher-Student Likert Scale Questionnaire. The study took place at a rural high located in southern Maryland and included a total number of 228 participants. Results indicated a statistically significant negative predictive relationship between students’ perceptions of teacher-student rapport and high stakes testing performance in biology.