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Cristie McClendon


DoDDS, DoDEA, Permanent Change of Station, Third Culture Kids, Transition


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The purpose of this transcendental, phenomenological study was to describe the experiences of parents during the transition of their student into a military base school. The central research question guiding this study was, “What is the experience of parents whose students have transitioned into a military base school?” Schlossberg’s transition theory, specifically the 4-S transition model, guided this study. The connection between Schlossberg’s transition theory and parents’ perspective of their students’ transition into a new school is how the parents cope using the 4-S transition model. The sample size consisted of 10 participant’s male/female from different parts of the country. Participants represented different branches of service and different ranks of the military. Data collection included interviews, timelines, and advice letters to other parents. Data analysis involved the use of computer-assisted software assisted in the organization of codes that emerged into themes. Parents suggested that transitions for their students were still stressful and resulted in a smooth transition only if detailed planning was conducted along with several moves. The strategies parents used to cope with the stress included planning ahead, organizing for the move, physical exercise, and seeking employment in order to stay busy. Future research could include diversity in the branches of service, focusing on the deployment of family members, and focusing on multiple perspectives on transition.