For decades the debate about the historical Jesus created many branches of biblical studies and Theology. One specific branch is called “Christology,” which can loosely be defined as the study of Jesus. Who was Jesus? Who did Jesus think he was? Was he divine? Was he a prophet? All of these questions – and hundreds more – can fall under the category of Christology. This study is focused more specifically on The Gospel According to Mark’s Christology. Many studies on Mark’s Gospel and his Christology do it in a systematic way, but as many readers will quickly find when reading Mark, he does not give a systematic Christology. Instead, he tells Jesus’ story. Mark believes Jesus to be “the messiah, the Son of God” (1:1), and tells the story of his life, death, and resurrection to prove it.

By using Richard B. Hays and his contribution from his seminal book Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels, this article will expand the contribution of Hays’ understanding of Mark as a Figural interpreter of scripture by analyzing how Mark employs certain literary seams to shape his Christology throughout his narrative.