Publication Date

December 2004

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Thomas, J. C. (2004). Why Me? The bedrock of suffering. Christian Counseling Connection, 4, 1, 3.


The world is unnerved but captivated by the wave of massive, indiscriminate destruction that befell Asia. In the protection of our society where pat answers are the drug, we meet face-to-face with the fragility of life, feel compassion, and return to business as usual. The reality is that we too are in the path of life’s devastations.

It is suffering to even consider the tragedies that could befall us. Yet, suffering comes to all without prejudice… on the just and unjust.1 When faced with the heartache of rejection, emptiness of loss, the bite of physical pain, the brokenness of regret, or the betrayal of violation, we reel in the wake. Pain and fear mingled with confusion breed a litany of questions that have no apparent answers and deathly silence from God only serves to tighten suffering’s grip. And yet we continue to ask. Just as Job, we want that which is out of reach: both instant relief and that God explain Himself. Even if God provided answers, would we really accept them as justification for our suffering?