The Impact of Brief God Attachment Workshop Attendance on God Attachment

Publication Date

Fall 2018

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Counseling | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Attachment to God or one’s Divine Attachment Figure (DAF; Counted, 2016) may be influenced by a variety of factors, including one’s attachment to a parent earlier in life. This research seeks to explore the efficacy of a brief, four-hour workshop on anxiety and avoidance levels of one’s attachment to God, as measured by the avoidance and anxiety subscales of the Attachment to God Inventory (AGI; Beck and McDonald, 2004). In addition, general well-being scores were measured by the WHO5 Well-Being Index (WHO-5; Topp, Østergaard, Søndergaard & Bech, 2015). Various interventions were utilized in this workshop including security priming, mindfulness, and allegorical bibliotherapy. Results indicate no significant change in anxiety or wellbeing. However, results demonstrate a statistically significant decrease in avoidance scores, as measured by the AGI. Discussion on the implications of these findings is provided.