Podcast: Parents Building Connections with Kids on the Autism Spectrum

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From the time I heard Dr. Hull discuss his work with children and adolescents diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and High Functioning Autism (HFS), I wanted all parents to hear him. In this episode, he brings us his passion and expertise. He clarifies diagnosis by demystifying the strengths and difficulties these children have in social, emotional and behavioral areas. He discusses how to approach fears, understand rituals, reduce feelings of terror and maximize use of special interests. Dr. Hull recognizes the mix of love, challenge and concern that parents carry. Reminding them that they are not alone, he offers strategies to foster connection, growth and improved relationships with their children. To hear Dr. Hull discuss his creative use of play with children and adolescents is to understand how he helps parents and children build bridges of connection and growth to each other.