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Corporate communication represents an evolving area of study within the increasing puzzle of global growth in the twenty-first century. The theoretical history of public relations originated in North America and the United Kingdom before the ubiquitous presence of technology and the internet. Since the 1950s, numerous approaches and models of corporate communication have emerged. The focus of this study is to contribute to the development of a new theory of corporate constructs of identity, image and reputation, formulating competitive advantage with strategy formulation, within the framework of the new political economy – these economies do not and cannot operate in a vacuum; the economies of scale are directly interrelated as a global society.


This article was later published in the International Journal of Business Competition and Growth. The author's copy was reproduced here with permission of Inderscience Publishers. The citation for the published article is below:

Laws, S.M. (2014) “Corporate communication: identity, image and reputation,” International Journal of Business Competition and Growth, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 344–349.